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COVID 19 updates


Due to new County mandate we  are closed completely and not able to offer services at this time.  Everyone stay healthy and happy.  


 Mono County has a strict STAY AT HOME order. No one should be skiing or snow boarding any backcountry in Mono or Inyo County.   This includes the Sherwins, Lakes Basin and Virginia Lakes area.


Mono County with 13 confirmed case and 55 negative tests.  14 more tests pending. Everyone in our community is praying for the family of who passed away from Covid 19.
Mono County now has the highest per capita rate of positive tests in all of California.  This is very serious for our very small and very rural health services.    

It is very important to not visit Inyo or Mono counties to stay or recreate.  Our hospitals and emergency services could easily be overwhelmed. 

This is not the time to learn how to backcountry ski or snowboard.   There is plenty to do.  Stay low angle!!!!!!!  Avalanche terrain is generally over 30 degrees.  Stay under 30 degress.  This means everyone!!! Many hazards exist and the sport is inherently dangerous.  Rocks are barely covered in snow, and with spring coming wet slides can bury you, carry you over rocks and into trees.  BE SAFE!!  Assume Search and Rescue is not coming to help anyone right now.

 We are always, highly discouraging out of town visitors and highly discouraging all but low angle outdoor activities.  We talk to medical professionals in Mammoth Lakes regularly.  The hospital has not seen backcoutry users with severe trauma as is being reported by multiple people.  Kids building jumps by the side of the road are not backcountry people.  To date, 4/1/20, no one has had to be flown from Mammoth for trauma due to BC use or other recreational reasons  during the Covid 19 emergency. 2 people in the last 3 weeks have been flown to Reno for Covid 19. In Mammoth 100% of respiratory illness' get flown out.  They were not flown out to make room in the hospital as has been reported by random people on Facebook.  Now that its been said "multiple BC users have flown from Mammoth for emergencies" it is now real, though its not.  Pretty sure thats now going to be in the LA and NY Times to forever be fake news. 

We encourage all to stay safe, stop speading fake and angry news, not put a strain on our hospital by being at all risky, stay low angle, stay close to the trail head, stay low elevation,  stop posting your glory shots on Facebook, and stop threatening people. .


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