Camp Corsa Nanotech

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ICE AXE + Kids Skis:




The Ferrari of mountaineering axes. Employs the same lightweight materials as the hyperlight Corsa, but features a more aggressive single-curve shaft and innovative Sandvik Nanoflex® steel alloy reinforcements on the pick and spike. The steel components dramatically increase the durability and strength of these critical points without significantly increasing the weight of the axe.

SANDVIK NANOFLEX® is an innovative patented steel alloy that is 60% stronger than normal steel which allows for a significant reduction in the amount of metal used, thereby decreasing weight while maintaining strength.

ID: 1429
Applications: General Mountaineering, Alpinism
Sizes: 50, 60, 70 cm
Shaft: B
Pick: B
Leash: No
Weight: 250 g, 8.82 oz
$139.95 USD

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