Pieps DSP Pro Beacon

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Built for skiers who explore serious terrain, the Pieps DSP Pro avalanche transceiver is packed with features: a 60m range, a high-tech transmitter and a marking function for multiple burials.

Three-antenna system pinpoints the location of burials within a 60m range regardless of antenna orientation and burial depth
In a multiple-burial scenario, the unit works to transmit a signal without overlapping other signals
Eliminating signal overlap allows the searcher to quickly interpret the audible and visual information with increased accuracy and less confusion
Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology displays the number of buried victims as stick figures on an easy-to-view LCD screen
When signals are detected, the approximate distance and direction to the burials are displayed—simply follow the arrows to reach a burial
Upon locating the position of the first victim, the searcher can mark and mask the found signal and immediately begin searching for other burials; marks up to four signals
Includes an inclinometer so you can accurately measure slope angles, helping you navigate through potential avalanche terrain
Pieps DSP Pro can measure frequency deviation of all transceivers, a great pre-ski tour test to conduct
Scan function quickly gives an overview of all buried devices within the detectable range
Self-check tests all major functions as the transceiver is powering on, including transmitting frequency and operation of antennas, amplifiers, processors and batteries
Adjustable, nylon harness with pouch keeps the unit secure and accessible
Compatible with all transceivers operating on the 457 kHz frequency
Can be used with Pieps iProbe (sold separately); iProbe can temporarily suppress the signal of a transmitting Pieps transceiver to make searching for multiple burials easier
Change modes to search for a dog wearing a Pieps TX600 Dog Avalanche Rescue transmitter (sold separately); TX600 transmits on a different frequency than avalanche beacons
Pieps DSP Pro avalanche transceiver operates on 3 AAA batteries, included
Software can be updated via USB (cable not included)

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