Black Diamond Fritschi SafetyTech Brakes

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Fritschi Diamir Brakes

As a no-hassle alternative to ski straps, especially in avalanche country, Diamir Brakes are available in three sizes and work with 2004 and later Fritschi Diamir bindings.

Available in 4 widths:

Narrow–Up to approx. 78 mm
Medium–Up to approx. 95 mm
Wide–Up to approx. 108 mm
Extra-Wide–Up to approx. 120 mm

Note: These brakes are NOT compatible with the older Diamir 1, 2, and 3 and original 2002/03 Freerides. Pre-2004 brakes for these older Diamir Bindings are sold out and no longer available from Fritschi.

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