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Moving Over Stone Go Wild Outside of Las Vegas

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Go Wild!  Outside Las Vegas


This is an invitation to get out of town and explore the desert.  Of course, there is rock climbing, only 20 minutes from The Strip at Red Rocks.  Beautiful hiking there too, with the surprise of a lush oasis and a band of bighorn sheep.  Nearby are dedicated mountain bike trails, which leads to the tantalizing thought of exploring further into Nevada.  A hot night in Vegas leads to a moonlight swim in Lake Mead, and exploring the Colorado River by kayak and canoe.  Soon we are immersed in old ghost towns, the wisdom of local desert rats, a ballet dancer who opened an opera house in the sage, and the biggest wildflower bloom Death Valley has seen in a decade.  Along the way we probe into the austere beauty of the desert, and the surprise that Nevada is the most mountainous state.  There is even backcountry skiing, among the gnarled trunks of a 4000-year-old bristlecone pines.

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