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Marker Marker Tour F10 w90mm Brake

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Whether you enjoy the skin out as much as the ski down or just live to feel the burn, wait until you get your gloves on a pair of the Marker Tour F10 AT Binding. This AT binder features steadfast reliability and a wide footprint at a fraction of the weight of similar Marker bindings. An integrated 7- and 13-degree titanium climbing aid ramps you up to help gain elevation without the fatigue, and the wide footprint brings with it stability and responsiveness you'll feel from the freshies in the trees to the open bowls over the ridge.

A 3-10 DIN range offers versatility to those who like to get away from the crowds and lap up the backcountry
Triple Pivot Light toe with a horizontally oriented spring offers a unique combination of light weight and solid power transmission
Hollow Linkage heel features a hollow horizontal axle that saves weight and maximizes power transmission
Hollow Linkage has improved heel kinematics which allows for an easier step-in
Power Width Design is based on a 76mm platform and has wider connection brackets to create better power transmission
A moveable stainless steel AFD (anti friction device) allows precise release unhindered by dirt, snow, and ice buildup
Height-adjustable AFD accommodates alpine and AT boots
Stainless steel, carbon, and titanium components deliver a lightweight, super-durable binder
Teflon coatings on the AFD system, Pivot plate, and Triple Pivot Light Toe help reduce ice and snow adhesion
A solid, stiff Touring Base Plate has wide frame construction that's secured at several positions which evenly distributes pressure for unparalleled skiing performance
Backcountry Comfort technology consists of an ergonomically shaped lever under the boot that allows for comfortable glove-friendly opening and closing from ski to hike mode
Actuating arm has more material in the stress zones to combat the movement from ski to hike mode
Titanium Climbing Aids offer three positions—flat, 7°, and 13°—which can easily be accessed with your ski pole even in unstable standing positions
In tour mode, the entire interface moves back 40mm for better balance while you climb and make kick turns
Hollow Tech is a fiber-reinforced frame that provides stability and is exceptionally light, thanks to its hollow, gas-injected construction
Integrated elastomer padding on climbing aids dampens the impact, reduces the irritating clacking sound, and allows for more comfortable hiking
Tailor-made, super light, anodized aluminum crampons (sold separately) are available in 92mm, 133mm, and 128mm widths
Recommended Skier's Weight: 65-230lb

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