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Powderwhore PW07

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PowderWhore 07

  • A TMS favorite and best seller so far this season!

  • Wonderfully paced and without apparently trying, PW07 takes the viewer on a ride which covers the main elements of freeheel skiing as it has evolved in the modern era

  • Technique is well represented by some of the strongest and most talented tele skiers ever captured on film, including young phenom Nick Devore, who made history last year at the alpine world's premier big-mountain competition, the US Freeskiing Championships at Snowbird. Devore turned heads as the first tele skier ever to make the finals, while also finishing 18th out of a field of 150 of the world's top freeskiing athletes.

  • Backcountry telemark skiing gets a lot of attention, in the athlete segments and in the segment shot on the Powderwhore's trip to Kimberly, British Columbia

  • The ski mountaineering crowd is not forgotten in a beautifully shot and edited Baffin Island chapter of the movie, and of course the section with Devore's historic run to the finals at Snowbird gives the viewer a unique perspective on just how far the sport has come

  • Comprising nearly a third of the movie, the footage that the Powderwhore production team brought back from the Chugach is totally off the hook. Dave Stratton and Devore, among others, shred huge lines with style and elan, and on a level unseen before in a telemark ski movie

  • The camera work is superb and the skiing is incredible. This part of the movie alone is more than worth the price of the DVD

  • Finally, the movie closes with a segment accurately titled, "Deep Powder," and with a musical score written especially for this segment, this is the stuff from which dreams are made for many of us. Exceedingly rare are the days when the sun comes out and you get great light while the powder stays fluffy, and yet that's what we have here

  • Simply put, it's the most awesome tele pow footage the Powderwhores have given us yet, and that's saying a lot.

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