Wild Country SRC SS Set

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A great example of ‘out of the box’ thinking, the Single Rope Controller is the perfect fuss free solution for a lower impact sports belaying device.

The thinking behind this remarkable product was to provide a safe indoor and sports belaying device that was more forgiving than other ‘auto-lock’ devices. These devices had tended to harshly jolt the climber, especially in a short fall, the impact occurring due to the device locking so quickly creating almost a ‘static’ loading which gives a high impact force – less bounce more bang…

With the SRC we took our knowledge of ‘trad’ belaying, which is more dynamic (meaning a softer impact) and developed a shape to keep more dynamism in the system whilst simultaneously helping to lock the rope with low belayer input.

The SRC on a single rope - this is a great sports belay but is also good for centres and gyms.

So although the SRC is not a true ‘auto-lock’ and certainly not sold as a ‘hands-free’ device it lessens the input from the climber to hold a fall, as well as holding any fall more dynamically lessening the impact force. This means that the climber is less bruised, there is less stress on bolts, biners and harness and less danger of failures in the system.

The SRC was also designed to feed incredibly quickly in a sports situation and so for those ‘quick-clips’ that can mean the difference between success and failure, the SRC is definitely on your side.

Overall, with a bit of practice (like all belay devices) the Single Rope Controller offers the perfect mix of ease of use and safety and it’s usability makes it suitable for ‘top-end’ sports climbers right through to kids on their first wall courses.

In fact the SRC proved so popular with climbing walls and for use training beginners up that the latest incarnation is supplied with stainless steel pins to make it last even longer for outdoor centres and walls.

The SRC is supplied with the ultra-secure 'Belaymaster' karabiner as its perfect partner.

The SRC is only meant for use with single ropes of diameters of between 10 and 11mm only. 187g/6.6oz

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