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Western Mountaineering SlingLite

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Our Slinglite is a lightweight underquilt which was designed to provide plenty of warmth but compress down to a very small packed size for backcountry travel, whitewater trips or other outdoor activities where portability of your equipment is essential. A down underquilt is much lighter, substantially warmer and more compact than other methods of insulating the body from cool air while sleeping in a hammock. Our Slinglite is made of lightweight materials that offer excellent breathability from the inside with an outer shell fabric that is highly water resistant. It can be used with a number of common hammocks available in the market including models from ENO, Kammock, Ticket To The Moon, and Grand Trunk. The Slinglite is quite easy to secure to most hammocks and you may find that it will remain in a desirable position using only the shock corded end clips attached into the gated clips at each end of the hammock. Some hammock systems may require using the available side clips or sewn loops along each side to position the underquilt to a higher position at each side. These additional loops and hooks leave many options for a wide range of rigging variables, tarp configurations, hammock systems or unique applications for this underquilt. It also could double as a camper van comforter, or blanket for an RV or provide warmth for two to three pairs of legs chilling on the bleachers at a winter game/outdoor event.

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