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Chuck Fryberger Speciman

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Specimen DVD

A new kind of climbing video by Chuck Fryberger.

Cedar Wright is on a quest to understand climbing's most mysterious dicipline: the ropeless art of bouldering. With difficult moves far above dangerous landings, bouldering is essentially gymnastics with consequences. As demanding as a routine on the rings or the parallel bars, bouldering tests the mind and body of its participants, and the athletes it attracts seek its unique blend of adrenaline and aesthetics.Through several conversations with some of the best athletes currently practicing the sport, Cedar gains insight into this unique lifestyle, and what it takes to do the impossible both on a rock and in life. Filmed in South Africa in High Definition and is Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound capable.

Free bonus soundtrack CD included.

Running time: 80 Minutes

Daniel Woods, Lisa Rands, Andy Raether, Fred Nicole, Cedar Wright.


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