Voile Telemark Ski Crampon 115mm Red

Your Price: $80.00


Voile Universal Ski Crampons, used in combination with your climbing skins will provide the ultimate in secure backcountry ascents.

Unlike mobile systems that are specific to certain binding systems and only provide minimal purchase into the snow while the heel elevator is in the up position, Voile Universal Ski Crampons are designed to work with most telemark bindings and are fixed to the ski to always provide full purchase into the snow even with the heel elevator in the up position.

Available in 3 widths, up to 96mm ski waist, up to 115mm ski waist, and up to 130mm ski waist.

Up to 96mm: part# 2090-96-BL, UPC 7599482099685
Up to 115mm: part# 2090-115-R, UPC 759948209159
Up to 130mm: part# 2090-130-TI, UPC 759948209135

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