Volkl V-Werks BMT 122 Vacuum Skins

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Vo¨lkl‘s touring technologies are extended for 2014/2015 to include the latest in climbing skin technology.

Once you leave the resort, you’re at the mercy of the mountain at all times, from temperature swings and storms to the entire range of snow conditions. You need equipment you can rely on. The skis must be light to save energy on the ascent and have to deliver outstanding

on-snow performance in all conditions. Vo¨lkl offers speci- fically matched climbing skins for all our touring-oriented products.

Our new Vacuum skins feature Kohla‘s Vacuum glue- free skin technology for the ultimate ease of use, easy to install and remove, with less fuss in between uses. You can fold them directly back on themselves and easily peel them apart.

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