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Under 3 miles 
Convict Lake loop  Only very busy during fishing season in July and August
Crystal Lake and Crystal Crag  ( TR)  
Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest  A must do.  90 minute drive from Mammoth. Quincy Koetz TR
Heart Lake trail  ( TR)
Rainbow Falls  ( TR)
3 to 6 Miles 
Glass Mountain  Quincy Koetz TR.  No mileage noted.
Bodie and Potato Peaks  Quincy Koetz TR. No mileage noted 
6 to 10 miles 
Chocolate Peak  Great kids hike.  Quincy Koetz TR
Mt Dana  Great high country peak.  Just inside Yosemite high in Toulemne Meadows
 10 to 15 miles
Mammoth Pass - Duck Pass Loop. Nice to shuttle cars here but not necessary
White Mountain Peak Hike  Tag an easy 14er! Quincy Koetz TR
15 Miles and longer 
Mt Whitney  "Top of the United States"  Quincy Koetz TR