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  • Once your mat is in the Chair Kit you can switch from chair to sleeping mat without standing up.
  • Poles and straps can be removed to save weight when only used as a protective cover for your mat.
  • Couple multiple mats using the side buckles.
  • Three different openings in the pole sleeve can be used to insert different kinds of stiffeners like tent or trekking pole segments.
  • Premium materials: Floor is made of Expeds PU coated tentfloor fabric with 10000 mm water column. Top is of Expeds skin friendly sleeping bag lining fabric. The stiffeners used are DAC SL 9 mm tentpole segments.
  • Insert an EVA mat like the Double Mat Evazote (not included) for added protection on very rough ground.
  • The Chair Kit can be packed in most cases without removing the mat first (just take out the stiffeners)
  • Chair Kit fits all Exped mats and many other brands as well 

     Chairkit M Fits: all non DLX size mats Weight: 570 g/20.1 oz; as cover without pole and straps = 420 g/14.8 oz; Packsack 70 g / 2.5 oz Packed: 55 x 10 cm / 22 x 4 Chairkit L Fits: all DLX size mats Weight: 630 g / 22.2 oz; as cover = 490 g /17.3 oz; packsack 70 g / 2.5 oz Packed: 65 x 10 cm / 26 x 4