Camp Polimago Chalk Bag

Your Price: $24.95


Flat bottom allows the chalk bag to stand upright
• Stiffened rim creates a wide opening while climbing
• Tight closure prevents chalk leaking
• Dual belt loop attachment points
• Delivered with a 15 mm webbing belt with fast-clip buckle
• Webbing brush holder
• Canvas fabric with 4 color combinations

The Polimagò is an excellent choice for a wide variety of climbing styles, including bouldering where the bag is designed to stand upright when set on the ground to help eliminate chalk spillage. Constructed from canvas fabric and available in four striking color combinations.

407301: Denim
407302: Rainbow
407303: Peace
407304: Fluo
Weight: 85 g, 3.0 oz
Volume: 1.3 L, 79 cuin

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